These Game of Thrones Mysteries Are Still Unsolved!

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Welcome back for another Game of Thrones video. In this video, I will be discussing some of the unsolved mysteries that were left unanswered after Game of Thrones Season 8 ended. There were so many different ones over the years, but today, I want to focus on a select few that have always interested me. What did Varys hear in the flames? What happened to the man in the box? Why did Melisandre go to Volantis? Did it involve the Prince that was Promised, or Azor Ahai? What was in those books Samwell Tarly took from the Citadel? Were there any answers to who the Night King was? Why did the Children of the Forest choose him? Did he belong to House Stark? What ever happened to Daario? Where is Howland Reed? What does he know? These are just some of the mysteries I wanted answered before the ending to Game of

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