The BRAND NEW MST mk2 - is this the ultimate Ford Escort? Exclusive first drive

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When are classic Escorts not classic? When they are brand new! This is the MST Mk2, a completely new car with no Ford badges on it, built from the ground up in Wales. Jonny Smith gets the world exclusive first drive of this MST mk2 tarmac rally spec development car, equipped with Duratec engine on throttle bodies, and reviews it around the spiritual home of the rwd rally Escort.

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The Late Brake Show was invited to visit the MST HQ of Motorsport Tools - - which has been selling Escort and rally parts for over 10 years. Jonny saw the bare 'Escort' mk1 and mk2 bodyshells being constructed, poke around the MST mk1 that is nearly completed (complete with 270bhp BDG engine) and enjoy a rare day of perfect sunshine in the North Wales mountain roads.

Head to for the full technical specs, but here is a run down of the MST Mk2:

From £69,000 (ex VAT) Touring spec
From £79,000 Fast Road / Track spec (as tested)
From £89,000 Group-4 rally car
From £98,000 Ultimate rally spec

from £14,950 (ex VAT)
Made using Magnum steel panels (Rochdale, UK)
Type 49 with added strengthening.
Optional 'tarmac rally' alloy arches (as tested)
Optional weld-in roll cage
Optional turreted rear suspension (as tested)

200bhp Ford Duratec (as tested)
All alloy, Life Racing ECU, ATR billet throttle bodies, h/duty clutch, Simpson stainless exhaust, alloy radiator
Optional 250bhp BDG
Optional 350bhp Millington Diamond

5-speed Ford Type 9
6-speed Mazda MX-5 (as tested)
Optional sequential (paddle or floor shift)

Adjustable " Bilstein dampers (as tested)
Optional WRC Ohlins or Rieger dampers

Leaf spring stock rear with anti-tramp bars
Optional 6-link Atlas motorsport axle (as tested)
Optional Gripper Motorsport LSD

Electric power steering
High ratio turn rack

AP Racing 4-pot front disc
AP Racing 2-pot rear disc
Girling master cylinder
Optional Hydraulic handbrake (as tested)
Optional J Hook WRC spec

Fuel system:
12 gallon centrally mounted alloy race tank
twin fuel pumps (optional)

Wheels & tyres:
Genuine Minilite 13, 15 or 17-inch
Kumho Ecsta V70A

Standard Mk2 Escort dimensions (1975-80)
Length - 3975mm / 13ft "
Width - 1696mm / 5ft "
Height - 1409mm / 4ft "
Wheelbase - 2400mm / 7ft "

MST Cars Ltd. / Motorsport Tools UK Ltd. Is not authorised or otherwise affiliated with Ford Motor Company.

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Filmed by: Nick Poole
Edited by: Mark Hankins - @Inksharkman - InkShark Studio
Thumbnail by: Matt Tarrant Design

Thanks to the following:
Tamiya UK for lending the new Tamiya MF01X Ford Escort Rally (MF-01X) radio controlled model. This is available to order from many model outlets now.

The ‘Nant Gwrtheyrn Welsh Language Centre’, for permission to use their private road:

Phlip Vaughan Films for the drone footage

Adrian Flux Insurance for covering Jonny fully comp on the MST mk2 at short notice.

Russell Lord of Lord of London

Jonny Smith aka CarPervert
Creative content maker, car presenter & car pervert for hire since '98

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