Relaxing Creative ART That At Another Level Part 20

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0:02 - Check out this chocolate covered strawberries sketch made with color pens and color pencils. The detailed work has 3D effect
0:14 - Tag artist turns his jet black turtle beach headphones into a canvas for a neon beach sunset via uni POSCA color markers
1:12 - Uni POSCA markers make coloring so much fun because they really highlight and shades of the colors so well !
2:04 - The strokes and sprays done by this painter is done so elegantly and flawlessly. The grim reaper is painted in satisfyingly colorful fashion
2:31 - This cemented torso sculpture piece is decoratively clothed with ink sketches of assembled melancholy beings making up a one piece dress
2:57 - A sketch of Famous K-POP artist August D gets a hair dye with highlighted yellow and pink paints
3:20 - Check out this astonishingly detailed sketch work of a noble house cat made with color pencils and color chalk
4:25 - This lumberjack sculptor uses a chainsaw to carve out the courageous mystery detective dog scooby-dooby-doo which is then colored over with oil paints
5:02 - First this painter uses scotch tape to block the open spaces which frames the face then paints over the rest to reveal the majestic lion in royal blue
6:03 - One stroke painting artist creates a women’s face. Can you depict it through this art?
6:50 - This expert graffiti artist and Pokémon enthusiast tags out the character Zaptos with a glazing effect
7:31 - The aesthetics painter “heyshedraws” is back with another shinning masterpiece made with acrylic paints
8:26 - This amazing artist used a nero black pencil, chalk crayons, some tissue papers and a correction pen to make this masterpiece !
8:59 - With the use of oil paints this artist illustrates the perfect cabin in the woods for a winter holiday escape
10:13 - Sunsets are proof that endings can often be too beautiful. Check out this amazing sunset painting over a mountainous range that sits besides a calm lake

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