Our Sponsor Went Bankrupt... - WAN Show March 12, 2021

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Timestamps (Courtesy of BlackWings)
0:00 Intro, intel extreme tech upgrade
1:37 Broke sponsor
3:27 Stalling for time
4:37 New intro
5:42 Broke sponsor continuation
13:46 Clarification on Verified Actual Gamer Program
15:57 XBOX game pass exclusivity
30:39 Sponsor for WAN Show (Honey, BackBlaze, Freshbooks,)
33:55 Channel SuperFun job openings
34:19 Radeon overhead and performance variations
42:09 adata quietly swapping out XPGSX8200 SSD components to revise performance
45:53 OVH data center destroyed in a massive fire
52:04 Russia attempted to throttle twitter instead ended up throttling their entire internet
52:30 NFT discussion
56:33 GME stonks go brrr update
1:00:28 Is AMD joining the GPU mining craze more?
1:02:42 Superchats
1:03:08 No virtual LTX 2021
1:04:15 Major collab with tech youtubers, "Tech trivia answered in the form of a question"
1:12:34 WAN Show go bye bye
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