Online slots - 10 game bonus hunt

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Hi All,

Thank you for the feedback to the last video, I enjoyed trying something slightly different for a change and it seems the majority of you thought so too. It is not the sort of video I intend to do too often, but that particular game took my fancy as soon as I saw it.

The idea of having 7 different bonus options of varying volatility seems a decent one, so I shall be on the look out for other games that do the same. I am none the wiser as to whether or not there is any form of best strategy for choosing the bonus, but intend to feature 5 Lions again and continue to attempt to find out.

One final thing I will say about it, I was quite surprised at how easily it seemed to bonus while I was attempting to get them all. With the exception of one expensive one, is was largely fairly easy to land. HOWEVER! In the video today it has cost me a lot, well over £200. And indeed following on from todays video I have been playing it a little more, trying a few mystery picks. This has not gone anything like as well, and I have had a number of dismal bonuses for significant cost. This of course should not be a surprise, I had clearly been lucky and I could not play it indefinitely without starting to lose out to the house edge.

The other tough game in todays selection was also a Pragmatic Play game, in Buffalo King megaways. I have fallen out with this game a little lately as well, after what seemed to be a honeymoon period on it initially. I do not believe there have been any changes to these games, I suspect it is simply my eagerness to find a pattern amongst the results of playing random games.

In total today I have spent £530 on 10 bonuses. Although this is about right for the average cost of landing them overall, it will be a tough ask to get it all back. I suspect we are hoping for at least a couple of bonuses to really fire, as ever, I am expecting some dismal ones along the way!

Here is the line up tasked with the job:

5 Lions MW
Buffalo King MW
King of Cats (Lion)
Madame Destiny MW
Christmas Carol MW
1 Million MW BC
Wubba Lubba
Golden Fish Tank
Great Rhino MW
El Jackpotto

I shall be back before too long.
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