MANGEKYO SHARINGAN!! | Kage and Akatsuki Tournament! IceeRamen Naruto Anime Mod SMP FULL RELEASE

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Hey guys! Today in IceeRamen, I unlocked my Mangekyo Sharingan and WOW is it a cool design! We also held a 2v2 tournament between the kage! This server is RPG based, in which you can become the kage of a village, an anbu black op, a jinchuriki, and more! We are currently in early access so if you want to join, go check out the patreon or follow the discord paypal link in my discord! I will be doing a series of this server, showing my experiances. Eventually, we will have a youtube channel just for the lore of the server!! This is all thanks to all your support on the Naruto 100 Day's series, so thank you all so much for making this possible!

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