Level Up KL Game Conference Online 2020 Animation Opening Cinematic

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Let's kick start LUKL2020 by joining our heroes as they begin their adventure in a MOBA game fighting creeps and monsters! Let's LEVEL UP together! No KS pls! ????????????

LEVEL UP is an initiative that MDEC created to spur the growth of the Malaysian games developer community. It brings together some of the best minds in the industry to collaborate, learn, and grow from each other in the week-long annual event. We able to watch the sharing from some great game creator like Sony, Xbox, Play station etc.

Level Up KL 2020 opening CGI cinematic produced by Spacesheep Studio, a bunch of passionate talents who love storytelling and produce wonderful art. The most important value we hope to achieve is make the world never look at a thing in same way again.

Expand the world’s perspectives.

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