Immersive Portals Mod Tutorial (1.16.5)

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Immersive Portals Non-Euclidean Tutorial for Minecraft. The Immersive Portals Mod updates all the time, so here's an up-to-date tutorial with all the latest features.
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Fabric API

Immersive Portals Mod

Pehkui Mod

Immersive Portals WIKI PAGE: ​
Credit to CodeParade for inspiration for my original video.
#noneuclidean​ #minecraft​ #immersiveportals​
0:00​ Mirrors and Portal Helpers
2:47 Global and Normal Portals
3:30 World Wrapping Portals
5:46 Dimension Stacking
7:22 Portal Customization
8:20 Box View
9:07 Configuration
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