I Played ADOPT ME Until I Went On My *DREAM DATE* With My *CRUSH*!...GONE WRONG *emotional* (roblox)

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Today I played ADOPT ME Roblox until I went on My *DREAM DATE* With My or so I thought! Jeffo Roblox and I have been BEST FRIENDS for a while now, but then there seemed to be a spark between 've been waiting for him to ask me out on a date for awhile now and he finally did in yesterday's episode! But it didn't go exactly as planned. First of all, him and OURFIRE PLAYS created this BEAUTIFUL place for him to PROPOSE, but then SOMEONE tried to HACK my COMPUTER and PHONE and I thought My ROBLOX account had been HACKED. Luckily Chris and Sharla came to the rescue and let me borrow their computer and I had to do a CRUSH TELEPATHY Challenge with JEFF for him to be absolutely certain he wasn't being SCAMMED! Luckily, I passed and FINALLY I got to EXPOSE my feelings and let Jeffo know, I LIKE HIM! He then asked me out on a DATE and I think he's picking me up any minute now! Make sure to watch Jeffo Roblox's "I Played ADOPT ME Until I PROPOSED to My CRUSH" and Ourfire Play's "I Played ADOPT ME Until My Best Friend's DATE Went HORRIBLY WRONG" before watching this EPISODE! Things seem to be going REALLY SOMEONE tried to sabotage our date. WHO could do this?? TT ANONYMOUS? TT KEVIN? SP ANONYMOUS? or an UNKNOWN/ UNIDENTIFIED USER? Who would try to come between me and my crush?! Is the CAKE poisoned?? Will Ourfire call me in time? Will JEFF make it??? Is this a BAD SIGN? Should I have kept my feelings to myself? This is my most emotional, crazy, intense, and fun video yet! What should I do next??

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