HOW TO MOD BEAT SABER v. 1.13.2 on Oculus Quest 2

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Yes, you can finally mod the new Beat Saber v. ! This tutorial is backed up by the official Beat Saber modding community, and it has the most accurate description of the process and troubleshooting as of Feb. 2021.

IMPORTANT! New updates and changes to the modding process can happen at any moment. If you experience any issues I recommend going to the dedicated wiki page as it is always up to date with the modding procedures.

BMBF Beat Saber Modding Wiki: #...​ - all updates to the modding process are described here. Please check if you experience any issues with the tutorial!

Please join the official Beat Saber modding community Discord with any questions:


00:00 - Intro
01:23 - Back up your data
02:11 - Set up your Beat Saber to v.
02:52 - Download BMBF
03:20 - Install BMBF on your Quest
03:53 - Sync core mods
04:49 - Troubleshooting - if you can't click the "Sync" button
05:33 - Troubleshooting - if a core mod turns itself off
06:07 - Troubleshooting - if Beat Saber crashes
06:56 - Check if core mods are working
07:09 - Install mods
07:44 - Check mod settings
08:15 - Final words



Download BMBF (Patched version of Beat Saber):

Beat Saber Modding Community (for any issues related to modding):

BMBF Beat Saber Modding Wiki: #preface

List of all Beat Saber mods:

How to set up SideQuest:

How to install custom songs:
Method 1 - bookmarks:
Method 2:

How to record Mixed Reality videos:

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