*GLOBAL, START NOW!* You Need To Super Awaken 5 & Level 90 These Major Units First (7DS Grand Cross)

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So with Super Awakening 5 and the Level 90 Cap Increase, there are going to be some significant shifts in the balance of the game. Not only that, acquiring enough Super Awakening Coins for Level 5 for your entire team may not be as easy, and definitely not easy for Level 90. Keeping all that in mind, this video will help walk you through the units you need to focus on in order to stay ahead of the curve. Don't forget that after this we still have Festival Zeldris, Stranger Things Collab, Re Zero & Fate Stay Night too. Watch to find out! Stay tuned for more news on the units and events coming soon!

Here we go with a new 7DS Grand Cross video! Let me know if y'all want to see some more of The Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross! Like and Subscribe with Notis On if you enjoyed this video!


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