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So I got a call from @Rob Warner telling me that he felt the last E-Bike trials event was unfair because of the Maxxis Tyres I had on, I personally think he couldn't handle the defeat but we decided to schedule another event and try again. We pack our Scott E-Ransom into the back and off we headed to go beat Rob. Peaty decided he wanted to get back in on the action and came down to join us for the event again. Always have the bet time with Steve, what a legend.
We decided everyone came up with 1 course and the person with the most dabs on each section gets a letter, as you can see from the video Warner probably would of had less letters if he walked every section as I SMOKED him once again. The Bosch Motor and Maxxis Wetscream tyres on this bike are unbelievable, the amount of grip is stupid and I could just carry speed and grip so easily in comparison to everyone else.

Was such a wicked day together, I love riding with the old boys, let me know if you guys want to see more E-Bike trials and Game of Burk because they're just so fun to do.

If you want to see the Moto section head over to @Rob Warner channel.

Oh and a huge big up to everyone who managed to get hold of some DEATHGRIP apparel, shit that went fast. Another drop SOOOOON
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