Dundee's Tragic Date ft. Whippy, spaceboy, Sykkuno, Crystalst | Hilarious | GTA RP | No Pixel 3.0

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Dundee (Whippy) goes on a date with Emma (jogiejoey) until Melbert (spaceboy) showed up and made chaos. Enjoy the hilarious moments brought to us by Whippy, Spaceboy, jogiejoey, Sykkuno, Crystalst, Ash on LoL, and juggsrp!

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⌚ [Timestamps]
0:00 Intro
0:07 Dundee's date with Emma
0:20 Isn't it beautiful?
0:30 I have a gun!
0:45 Put down the crowbar, bro!
0:52 My is
0:59 Here's the situation!
1:12 My name
1:34 Now listen here!
1:41 Dave, start flossing!
1:48 How do you floss?
1:54 "I like Fortnite"
2:11 Start dancing!
2:19 Start singing chug-jug!
2:39 Now give me your money!
2:53 Alright now give me money!
3:15 Now you Dave come
3:25 Want to look cool in front of a lady?
4:07 She'll love it bro!
4:19 How about you just pretend and
4:57 You MORON!
5:23 Dundee I WAS trying to MISS!
6:06 EMMA!
6:22 Melbert
6:33 NO! EMMA!
6:53 The Hospital
7:07 She's been shot!
7:41 Dundee how could
8:23 The Vengeance
8:40 Listen, I can't have witnesses to a
9:37 Melbert's Revenge (Attempt)
10:22 Melbert explains how he murdered Emma
11:39 Dundee wants to KILL me! -Melbert
12:06 My name's WAYNE!
12:37 Oh my god Wayne's dying! -Yuno
12:49 He needs medical attention! -Ash on LoL
13:03 They're coming back! -juggsrp
13:22 Are you crazy he's gonna shoot us! - Sykkuno
13:40 You tried to save my
13:50 4T, Ash, Mel, and Wayne goes to the Hospital
14:48 Outro

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