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We want to go to Night City! Can you believe we have waited since 2013 when the PS3 was the PlayStation? We need that Cyberpunk 2077 life! Keanu. Well there's the problem of do we get it on PS5 or Xbox Series X. How do you decide? Cyberpunk 2077 should probably decide? No more delays. No more yellow tweets!

Angie Simms (PS4 & PS5) @angiesimms
Matt Grondin (Gamer) @mattygron
Jessica Meraz (Cyberpunk 2077) @jessicameraz
Tehya Johns of VENN (XBox) @TehyaPlays on IG

Directed By Clark Huff
Written By Lindsey Reckis
Edited By Matt Homeyer @matteatsmochi
Produced By Davan Firinn, Angie Simms, Tommy Savas & Lindsey Reckis

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